a few photos

Nothing very special about the ride today except that I managed to get some unexpected and nice photos. 🙂 starting with the prelude to the sunrise at muttukadu backwaters:

Prelude to sunrise at Muttukadu
(Click to see a larger version)

Rode up to the “Scenic tea stall” and back, a distance of about 65km. Today, the scenic tea stall lived up to its name:

sunrise over 'scenic tea stall'
(Click to see a larger version)

A short rest for the bike while i have my water and photo break:

rest for bike
(Click to see a larger version)

No stiff headwinds on the way back so made it in good time (relatively speaking). Saw this bugger crossing the road on the way back.

Plenty like him trying to make it to wherever it is that they were heading. Plenty of once-a-snails on the road. There were other reluctant casualties too, hit by the fast-moving cars on the ECR: butterflies, dragonflies, snakes and various others in plenty numbers. And the crows were feasting on the dead and dying. And before long, came across a crow flattened by a speeding vehicle…

happy snail
(Click to see a larger version)

Took this guy and left him safely across the road after photographing him. Just a gesture I guess which doesn’t really make any difference. And hopefully I haven’t altered drastically the fate of the universe… 🙂

4 thoughts on “a few photos

  1. Very nice pictures.
    The pictures with colorful skies in the backdrop are great.
    I admire the clarity(focus) of the snail and the surrounding road surface.

  2. Very professional, wonderful shots. The ambience and colour tone brings to the viewer a feel of the place.

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