madras randonneurs’ 200

some photos from a 200km brevet held on june 25, 2016


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misty morning ride


riding with (from left) Murthy, Mathew and Vibha after a really long time. was pretty misty throughout with heavy condensation but enjoyed the ride…

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back again…

this page has basically been dead for more than two years because i haven’t done much cycling after finishing the two-week ride through kinnaur and spiti in july 2010. others things intervened and except for the occasional 50 km and century ride, i largely kept away from cycling. now and then i would occasionally dream of doing another ride in the himalayas, to leh, to complete and do in full the original ride i set out to do in 2010 but nothing came of it.

and that’s where it would have remained if i hadn’t come across randonneuring. the Madras Randonneurs ( started conducting brevets in chennai in 2011 and last november, without having ridden the cycle for more than two months, i joined up to do the 200 km ECR brevet. it was heavy going, especially while coming back with extremely strong head/cross winds but managed to finish with about 20 minutes to spare.

the 300 km brevet in december 2012 and the 400 km brevet in january this year were much better affairs because i managed to get some long rides in prior to the brevets and was able to hit a rhythm much better. and it was something i found totally addictive. so, i guess, here i am…

planning to get myself a steel frame tourer (as the mtb is not really suitable for long distance endurance cycling), do the 600 km brevet in chennai as well as the 600 km and 1000 km brevets in bangalore. the aim is to ultimately qualify for and complete the paris-brest-paris randonnee (PBP) in 2015. fingers crossed. hoping to update this page as and when things happen in that direction. and, thanks for reading and for still being here. if indeed you are still here šŸ™‚

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standard edition sunrise….

on the ECR during yesterday’sĀ  long ride. taken with a cellphone šŸ™‚

sunrise on the ECR

(Click for a larger version)

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approaching kaza

after almost 200km and five days, in Kaza, Himachal Pradesh now. going good.

slight change of plans. will wind up the ride at manali after doing chandratal and skipping leh for now…

photo taken above the spiti river, about 10km before kaza, at a village called lidang. can’t resize the photo at this cyber cafe. posting it as is…

and, thanks to everyone who dropped in… appreciate it. šŸ™‚

(Photos from the ride are hereĀ )



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maiden ride to pondy

first ride to puducherry (pondy) with the chennai bikers. wasn’t as tiring as i expected it to be….and i was nowhere near as fast as some of the other riders. good enough for me: 117 km in about 5 hours 5 minutes, working out to an average speed of about 23 kmph.

will come back seriously to cycling post the auroville HM which i am running on Feb 14…

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a few photos

Nothing very special about the ride today except that I managed to get some unexpected and nice photos. šŸ™‚ starting with the prelude to the sunrise at muttukadu backwaters:

Prelude to sunrise at Muttukadu

(Click to see a larger version)

Rode up to the “Scenic tea stall” and back, a distance of about 65km. Today, the scenic tea stall lived up to its name:

sunrise over 'scenic tea stall'

(Click to see a larger version)

A short rest for the bike while i have my water and photo break:

rest for bike

(Click to see a larger version)

No stiff headwinds on the way back so made it in good time (relatively speaking). Saw this bugger crossing the road on the way back.

Plenty like him trying to make it to wherever it is that they were heading. Plenty of once-a-snails on the road. There were other reluctant casualties too, hit by the fast-moving cars on the ECR: butterflies, dragonflies, snakes and various others in plenty numbers. And the crows were feasting on the dead and dying. And before long, came across a crow flattened by a speeding vehicle…

happy snail

(Click to see a larger version)

Took this guy and left him safely across the road after photographing him. Just a gesture I guess which doesn’t really make any difference. And hopefully I haven’t altered drastically the fate of the universe… šŸ™‚

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first ton

sunrise over muttukadu backwaters

did my first 100-km ride today, on the ECR. rode up to kadampadi village, about 5 km past mahabs and back. took 5 hours 03 minutes to do it. my first ‘century’ was more like a carefully and painfully constructed one from Dravid at his out-of-form best rather than a swashbuckling one by Sehwag. but hey, i’ll take what i can get. šŸ™‚

and the sunrrise over the muttukadu backwaters was a bonus really.

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first 50+


did my first 50+km ride today, on the ECR. from home, past prarthana, tollgate, vgp, mgm, muttukkadu to fisherman’s cove. a bit of an ache in the thighs but otherwise feeling fine. šŸ™‚ hopefully will make it to pondy on the diwali weekend to meet ambar, who is cycling down from bangalore

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new ride

after looking around quite a bit and researching the various bikes’ pros and cons, finally took the plunge and bought the cannondale f9. this would be the bike that would take me across the high altitude passes of ladakh come next summer. the bike looks capable. hope i pass muster too… meanwhile, a few pics of the new ride (click on the images for a bigger size). and, tell me what you think… šŸ™‚


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